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Eating food that keeps you regular is a big deal.We don’t like to talk about this, but how well an

Eating food that keeps you regular is a big deal.

We don’t like to talk about this, but how well and often you poo is a real reflection of your overall health/

If you are someone who doesn’t go to the toilet every day, if you strain to go, if you suffer with haemorrhoids, if you feel lethargic, if you get stomach cramps or bloating, then here are 5 top tips for you:

1. Eat a high fibre diet: plenty of veg, pulses and beans, wholegrain, or this delicious dried fruit compote

2. Stay well hydrated - you need plenty of water to keep your stools soft. If you eat a high fibre diet but are dehydrated you will struggle with constipation

3. Make time to sit on the loo without being in a rush - women especially don’t make time for themselves and a viscous cycle ensues as constipation gets worse and we find it harder to go

4. Stay active: sedentary lifestyle can cause sluggish bowels

5. Manage stress: chronic stress impacts all bodily functions in the long term

For the compote use any variety of dried fruit - apricots, figs, dates, goji berries. Chop small and add a grated apple, juice of an orange, water to cover and cinnamon.

Simmer an hour, but check every 20 mins and top up with water as you go, the fruit absorbs a lot of liquid. Cook to your preferred consistency.

Eat with yoghurt, porridge, even cream if you like!

Prioritising digestive health is a great thing to do for your long term physical and mental health. If you’re not sure what this means for you then get in touch for a free discovery call. Taking bookings now for November and January

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