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Christmasy Quinoa Salad

Updated: Apr 16, 2021

A side dish you can use to accompany all sorts of food, or you can add extras to it like chickpeas, feta, pomegranate, salmon, mackerel, coriander, roasted peppers… the list is endless!!⠀

👉Smoky quinoa @hodmedods cook per instructions below…⠀

👉Roast orange, purple and white carrots, sliced into batons and roasted in extra virgin olive oil for 30 mins, turning occasionally.⠀

👉Sprinkle on Teriyaki Savoury Seeds: recipe on my website.⠀

👉Finish with dill, generously sprinkled on top (other herbs will be great too)⠀

For Perfect Quinoa follow these instructions:⠀⠀

✨1 cup quinoa to 1.5 cups water.⠀⠀

✨Simmer for 10 mins with lid on.⠀⠀

✨Then turn off the heat and leave for at least another 10 mins

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