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Balancing Hormones

There are so many symptoms of hormone imbalance that we don’t recognise for what they are… low grade symptoms that we “get used to living with”, a story I hear in my clinic often.

Women, especially put up with symptoms, somehow ingrained in them to do so.

But get this.... YOU don’t have to get used to living with terrible PMS, fatigue, mood swings, brain fog. There is so much that can be done with nutrition to ensure good gut health, liver support, nourishment of key nutrients.

At the Eating Well For Menopause Workshop last night I shared with six wonderful women, how to use some specific foods to help manage symptoms and support your body in the best ways you can.

A perfect example of using food that nourishes you were these foods I made for the workshop: link in bio to recipes

*Linseed muffins

*Miso salad

*Chickpea pancakes with kefir dip

*Chia breakfast bowl

✅Linseeds and chia seeds are an excellent source of essential omega 3 fats, important for cognitive function and anxiety, keeping skin and membranes supple.

✅Tofu and chickpeas are delicious, simple, perfect ways to ensure intake of balancing phytoestrogens (plant foods that have oestrogen like qualities).

✅Kefir is a wonderful yoghurt particularly high in probiotics, for optimising digestive health

✨The workshop last night was a group of friends who came together to learn about how to eat well for the menopause. Learning with friends is an amazing way to join a workshop as you are able to talk after, encourage one another and is an all round enjoyable experience.

“Amber makes the topic of healthy nutrition come to life with delicious foods, example recipes and communicating the joy of eating well”

“This was a brilliant workshop, lots of information and practical tips”

💥I love teaching women like this so if you have a group of friends who would want to learn about eating for hormone balance and menopause support get in touch.

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