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Breakfast Cookies!

Did you ever hear of a cookie you could eat for breakfast? Well here they are!

Inspired to make something yummy with black strap molasses, as I talk at my Nutrition Reboot class tonight about increasing energy with nutrition and how to incorporate iron rich foods into your diet....

Blackstrap molasses is what’s left behind when nearly all of the sugar is processed out of the sugar cane. It contains most of the nutritious part of the plant, with an impressive array of nutrients which can help support numerous functions within the body. Some people even class it as a whole food supplement. Historically it was used as a cure-all, for problems like constipation, anaemia and ulcers - "left food be thy medicine".

Blackstrap molasses has almost no remaining sucrose and is intensely bitter, so use with caution and follow recipes until you are familiar with it. It works very well in recipes with ginger, such as gingerbread biscuits, as well as savoury dishes like homemade baked beans, and stews.

Why not try this recipe for a great sweet treat or even a quick breakfast as it is so healthy...

Nutty Oaty Molasses Breakfast Cookies

These cookies taste like a decadent treat, but are healthy enough to snack on any time of day, within the usual bounds of moderation!


1 ripe banana mashed 100g peanut butter 50g blackstrap molasses 1 tsp. vanilla extract 100g rolled oats gluten free, if needed 1/2 tsp. baking soda 1/4 tsp. salt 50g flaked almonds

20g sesame seeds

10g flaxseeds


  • Preheat oven to 180C. Line a baking sheet with grease proof paper

  • In large mixing bowl add all ingredients

  • Mix together until combined

  • Using 2 spoons, place spoonfuls onto baking sheet, makes approx 20

  • Bake 10-12 minutes until golden

  • Eat warm or cool. Totally delicious

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