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Kids Surprise You

Artichokes annihilated! My kids love them. If you’ve never given them to yours, do try. Artichokes are FUN foods, eaten with your fingers, making a mess, a little bit out of control, piles of rubbish! Don't give up on your kids if they are fussy. Kids can and do surprise us all the time. The trick is often not to have expectations - make them for yourselves and as long as you're sitting around the table eating together, just seeing you role modelling the behaviour is intriguing enough. Maybe not the first time, but persevere.

Cook artichokes for approximately 40-50 mins in boiling water. When leaves start to fall away they are ready. I serve mine with a strong vinigarette dressing: extra virgin olive oil, white wine or apple cider vinegar - usually about 50/50. Half to one teaspoon of dijon mustard, a crushed garlic clove, salt and pepper.

My friend's kids like it dipped it mayonnaise - whatever works for you! I can also get my kids to eat a lot of things by letting them make a "thousand island dressing" aka mayonnaise and ketchup messily stirred together in a bowl..... I know there is more to it than just this, but it does it for them.

Nutritional Facts: Artichokes are an amazing source of dietary fibre, high in antioxidants, help reduce cholesterol levels, great source of folic acid, B vitamins, vitamin K....

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