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Flu Fighter Soup

Updated: Apr 16, 2021

The temperature has really cooled down & I can hear people sniffing & coughing all over the place. There really are some wonderful ways to use food as medicine to get your immune system back on track, to give it the nutrients it needs to fight back.

I've decided to follow a recipe from a relatively new book I have called The Medicinal Chef by Dale Pinnock . I read this recipe & was thinking that I couldn't imagine what it was going to taste like. But, I loved the ingredients, so thought I'd put my trust in him & give it a go.

And now I'm sitting at my desk, eating the soup as I type, & I can tell you it really is excellent! Hence, I am inspired to share this with you. So for Flu Fighter Soup:

Finely chop the following ingredients: 1 red onion, 1 green chilli, 4 garlic cloves, 5cm piece fresh ginger finely chopped & fry gently in a large pan for 5 mins in some olive oil until soft.

Then add the following ingredients: 2 sweet potatoes, diced, with their skins on.

Half a pack of dried shitake mushrooms rehydrated & sliced OR a punnet of fresh shitake mushrooms sliced. 2 handfuls of goji berries (yes trust me!) & a bunch of parsley

Cover with vegetable stock plus any water from the rehydrated mushrooms.

Simmer for 20 mins then blitz & eat piping hot!

I do, occasionally, find myself overwhelmed by cookbooks & still wonder what to make for dinner - it is refreshing just to follow someone else's recipe sometimes, & having a recommendation that really is good can be just what the nutritional therapist ordered...


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