When I came to see Amber I was on a very repetitive diet and had a bundle of inflammatory ailments. I was a vegetarian mum in a carnivore family and I had a history of eating disorders buried in my past.  I chose Amber because I sensed, looking at her website, that here was someone who loved food in a colourful and celebratory way and she felt like someone who would be okay with the psychological too.  So with her eating plan and supplement guidance I am now discovering the gorgeousness of eating a range of foods; porridge with soya milk, flaked almonds, figs and strawberries, quinoa and seed salads – yum!  Amber has set me on a new path and it’s process which I am continuing… Oh and my IBS pain has cleared and when I visited my hairdresser, for the first time in years, I didn’t get any remarks about the state of my hair.


Niki, 50 years old

Before I saw Amber I constantly felt bloated, had intense PMS, headaches and fatigue. I knew I was doing something wrong but was not able to make the right changes or choices. 

Amber changed everything! Her gentle manner and relaxed approach made it easy to understand & take on board her detailed analysis. She provided a clear insight on how diet influences our hormones, setting out a simple yet comprehensive nutrition plan which effected immediate changes. I felt better, lighter & most of all relieved that things were at last looking up.


Patricia, 42 years old

I have Parkinson's Disease and because of this condition my stomach muscles have weakened. As a result of this and also because of medication I have suffered with constipation, bloating and stomach pains. As a result of Amber's advice I am now largely free of digestive problems and as a result feel so much better in myself. I am so grateful to Amber for her advice and continuing support.


Trish, 55 years old

Amber has really helped me to set off on the right path to reformulating my approach to food. Her advice is inspiring and practical and she appreciates the constraints of busy lifestyles. Best of all, Amber LOVES food. Her approach is all about luxuriating in the pleasure and joy of food which is totally delicious but also healthy. The focus is far from denial and self flagellation, and all about celebration, enjoyment, bounty and vitality.


Melanie, 39 years old

I was recently diagnosed with recurrent cystits. I have been on every antibiotic imaginable and seen various urogynaecolagists. However the thing that really sorted it out was seeing Amber. I never realised how much what we eat affects our health to such an extent. Although it has been hard it has helped me so much!

I now live like a normal person. Thanks Amber!


Hattie, 24 years old

I have always suffered from psoriasis

and was fed up with steroid creams that treated the symptoms but did not cure the problem. After a consultation with Amber and following her advice, my skin is "normal" for the first time in years. It has had such a huge impact on my life and general health.


Mel, 38 years old

I have been a client of Amber since 2010. Amber has given me advice with regards to aching joints and sore muscles. I was previously limited to the amount of exercise that I could undertake. I have followed her advice about reducing the inflammation of my joints and found that I can now run easily for much longer. My recovery from muscle fatigue has been greatly improved. Today thanks to Amber's knowledge of nutrition and supplemental advice I look and feel the picture of good health. Amber gave constructive and detailed plans about a good diet. I feel that Amber has made a huge contribution to improving my general wellbeing. 


John, 44 years old

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