• A deeper understanding of nutrition

  • Confidence about how to use foods to your advantage

  • Support and guidance to establish better eating patterns

  • Feel healthier and have more energy

  • Sustainable weight loss of 0.5 - 1 kilo, if desired

  • Tools and information to transform your health

  • Ideas to integrate what you have learnt into your family


  • 7.45 - 9.00 pm every Thursday night, beginning April 23rd

  • 6 week course, with additional support if required

  • Location: Tufnell Park

  • Expert nutritional advice from myself, a qualified Nutritional Therapist

  • Up to 10 women in each group

  • Relaxed, supportive environment

  • Focus each week on new nutritional concepts and how to apply them

  • Food to taste every week, both sweet and savoury, with inspiring ideas

  • Several simple, delicious recipes to accompany each session

  • Sheets of notes with all the information covered and more

  • Food diary review plus weigh-in (optional)

Testimonials From Previous Nutrition Reboot Classes:

"Amber's gentle and down-to-earth manner is wonderful for teaching the importance of nutrition. I left her course feeling inspired"

“If you don’t like diets but know you could be eating better, or if you have just run out of ideas, Amber’s classes will inspire you to think about eating tasty food in a healthier way”


“Fantastically friendly and supportive group setting to encourage good eating habits and learn new techniques to support and extend weight loss”

"Reboot has given me confidence to try a new way of approaching food, with positive results!"

"I have learnt so much about nutrition on this course and am now making better food choices. I definitely feel healthier"

"I use a recipe Amber gave me for a breakfast loaf and now I start the day with it. Breakfast used to ruin my efforts at diets as I was always starving by 10am. This loaf has really changed that for me and I have managed to keep the weight off for several months."

"I feel like I've really turned a corner with my approach to food. The supportive atmosphere and really practical advice has helped me follow a 5:2 pattern successfully, I've lost weight, gained energy, vitality and confidence"

"When you stick with Reboot you come out the other end and realise that you're actually starting to feel great without even noticing"

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