My story isn’t remarkable. I have never had chronic health conditions or been significantly over or under weight, but like many women my age, weight has often been a low grade factor in many thought processes throughout my life. 


My parents concerned themselves with my weight on and off during my teenage years with little interest from me, but perhaps (?!) it has always been part of my sub conscious story….


Being 5’2” has played its part as I have always believed I need to be more “careful” about what I eat. Having two children close together and before I studied nutrition, my “baby weight” was another thing I tried to deal with for a period of time, and even had some success at weight watchers briefly! This was about the time I discovered that Nutritional Therapy was an actual job, and decided to re-train and learn about food and how it could really be used to its full advantage. I wanted to know how to nourish myself and my family without feeling deprived, which is what I am driven to inspire within all my clients.


Going through the menopause relatively early at age 45, I have dealt with hormone related symptoms - including weight gain - although this was after I began work as a Nutritional Therapist, so this time I was armed with all the information I needed to manage this change.


Alongside these life events, 5 & 8 years ago I had two emergency back operations after disc protrusions that left me in agony. Having been actively running and doing yoga up until that point I no longer do high impact exercise. Again this has effected the balance of my energy and calories burnt off, because despite my 40 mins of personliased pilates / stretching every morning and my fast hour walk every day, I haven’t reached the exercise level I desire. This is something I am working on!  


What "my story” has taught me, and the reason I chose to share it with you, is that we are all on our own journeys to health, weight and wellness, we all have our stories, we all have different dynamics we battle with. 


This is where I come in. Whether your story is more complex or whether it isn't, what I appreciate as a Nutritional Therapist is that we all have a need to be heard, to be listened to. Our past is important, the ebbs and flows of life as a woman: through childhood, puberty, into adulthood and moving away from home, perhaps having families, illnesses, times of trial and tribulation. These all have an impact on how we feel about ourselves, how we feed ourselves and how we feel about our health, and our weight. 

I am here to support you from this point that you chose to join me, I will guide you to the next part of your journey to health. Life goes up and down and if you are reading this now you are interested in your health and have a desire to optimise your vitality, improve your health, reach a weight that falls within healthy boundaries. This is no mean feat, life is complicated and gets in the way: family, time commitments, work, budget, lifestyle. But I truly believe that wherever you are, you have the power, the ability to make changes and upgrade your nutrition in a way that will make positive improvements. Sometimes these steps are slow, and in some ways slower is better, so that they become bedded in: really sustainable changes mean we are re-learning how to eat for ourselves.


I want to guide you through that process, it is what I am passionate about. Seeing the transformation in understanding, inspiring change is wonderful and incredible. So wherever you are, whatever your story, get in touch and I will be here for you.

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