Kitchen Detox

A kitchen "detox" or declutter, is an invaluable way to get your nutrition on track.

It is almost impossible to make healthy food choices with a cupboard full of junk!

A "clean" space can help the mind get up to speed with the changes you have chosen to make.

I will help you to get to grips with labels on food, and understand how to interpret information

We will go through spices, fats, grains, store cupboard, fridge, freezer and more, working together to clear a path for you to be able to create some delicious food.

Not only will we look at out-of-date foods and those that no longer fit with your healthy outlook, but I will review with you what is important to put IN to your cupboards to create delicious, nutritious meals for yourself and your family.

Purchase the Kitchen Detox alongside a nutrition package or as a stand alone purchase.

Prices will vary according to time required

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