Family Nutrition Package

Full Accountability. Guaranteed Success. Total Support

* At your wits end with mealtimes?

* Concerned about your child's diet?

* Worried about your child's relationship with food?

* Need nutritional advise for the whole family?

* You and your partner argue about how to parent around food?

* Would like to pre-empt any disordered eating?

For any of these concerns I will assess the situation, talk through the issues, provide clear support and guidance that will ultimately enable you to have a calmer household where mealtimes are no longer battles, family relations improve and there is a deeper understanding of nutrition for the whole family.  

What you will gain from this package:​​
  • A much better handle on HOW to feed your family
  • You will have the tools to you need to allow your child to have a healthier relationship with food: a complex area of work but one which can be improved
  • Understanding of the emotions behind how your child eats
  • Boundaries around food, the kitchen and mealtimes
  • Meal styles to help support healthy eating patterns
  • Calmer and more enjoyable mealtimes for everyone
  • Education on nutritional needs*
  • Ability to make suitable changes to what the family eat
What the programme includes:
  • This programme runs over 8-16 weeks depending on the complexity of issues
  • All programmes begin with an initial 90 mins consultation, taking a case history of the whole family including a review of food, family dynamics, goals
  • Ideally working with all adults involved: parents / guardians / nanny / au pair...
  • Phone calls twice a week for the first 2-4 weeks of the programme, for up to 30 mins, to ensure you are able to implement the plan we have discussed and work through issues that arise. This is a key part of the transformation.
  • The following 4-6 weeks we will speak once a week, following the same format
  • A final consultation to ensure there is a sustainable future plan, using all the information you have learnt
  • Ongoing phone and email support throughout the programme, where required
  • A follow up consultation one month after the programme has officially finished to check in and review how you are getting on
  • NB: All packages can be modified to suit the individual - call me for more information
*Key Areas of Nutritional Information Covered:
  • Nutritional breakfasts for growing children
  • How to manage snacks during and after school
  • Balancing the needs of the whole family
  • Important points on reducing sugar intake
  • Understanding the macro nutrients: proteins, fats and carbohydrates
  • Improving immune function to ensure optimal health
  • How to stay well hydrated for increased energy and concentration
Optional Extras:
  • A cookery class can teach you what you need to know to make this programme work for you.
  • Kitchen detox: I will spend 3 hours with you, doing a kitchen declutter - an invaluable way to set you up to make better choices
  • Provide menu plans based around your needs: I am able to put together a detailed weekly plan which can be especially helpful if you have food intolerances or allergies, or very specific food requirements, or just require more support.

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