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Simple.  Delicious. Nutritious.

As a Nutritional Therapist since 2011 I have written and collated hundreds of recipes for my clients with a view to inspiring them, with simple, delicious, nutritious meals.


Appreciating that everyone’s confidence in the kitchen is varied and that cooking can feel overwhelming and exhausting to think about, my recipes aim to get you excited about cooking and make you feel that it is possible to nourish yourself with delicious food you have prepared yourself.


With over 90 recipes across 10 sections, this recipe book is about empowering you to take your health seriously by eating in a way that is to your advantage. I focus on good-quality proteins, complex carbohydrates, and low-added-sugar recipes that contain important essential fats. I use abundant vegetables in my meals, with medicinal foods to ensure optimal health and well-being.

My recipes are straightforward and adaptable, and there are often optional add-ins or ingredients that can be swapped. I also love to be able to make food that you can freeze for another time, as I believe being well-nourished means that you need to have a backup plan when life gets in the way of being able to shop and cook.

Alongside the recipe book, you can see new recipes and short videos showing me cooking on Instagram. If you have questions or need ideas about any cooking or ingredients in my recipe book, get in touch, and I’ll do my best to help. You can also book a cookery lesson with me if you live in London.

Ultimately, I believe that food can make us feel wonderful, energised, and give us all the nutrients we need to live our best lives, supporting us to be in optimal health.

Recipes By Amber, Cover

**Digital Recipe Book officially out**

  • Over 90 recipes across 10 sections

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