Corporate Workshops

Menopausal women are the fastest growing demographic in the workplace.

One key way to significantly support the female workforce is to provide education.


I deliver a workshop "Eating Well For The Menopause" as a way to empower women, aged 40-60.

I show how women can use food to support an array of symptoms that come with the menopause, and will provide resources, recipes and meal ideas that use nutrition to your advantage. 

Nutrition For Health

A workshop for all members of the workforce is one where the ultimate goal is to promote the health of all employees, with the knock on effect being an improvement in company efficiency.

Educating and inspiring employees about how foods can make them feel empowers participants to create their own nutritious meals, ultimately giving them more energy and focus at work.

This has a huge impact when delivered effectively. 

Nutrition For Health

"Amber came in and worked with the team at IMImobile for 8 weeks. The sessions were received exceptionally well by the staff and have had a lasting impact on awareness of nutrition and health. Sessions with Amber were interactive, informative and there was a healthy amount of group discussion which encouraged everyone to be honest about their dietary habits! Since the sessions IMImobile staff have generally embarked on a more conscious diet focusing on balance with the lessons learnt from Amber. I would highly recommend the Nutrition for Health course for businesses interested in focusing on staff wellbeing - as well as injecting some fun into the office environment."   Jay Patel, CEO IMImobile

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