Kickstart Nutrition Package

All packages start with an initial 90 mins consultation which allows me to create a detailed map of your current health, lifestyle and food intake, whilst also looking at medical history and family connections.
The process of Nutrition For Health is a journey and not a "one plan fits all". Therefore a personalised nutrition plan is built, specifying nutritional and lifestyle changes. I include ideas for each meal and simple recipes, working within any budget and time constraints you have.
The Kickstart Nutrition Package includes two follow up appointments, the minimum that I recommended in order to adapt the initial plan and ensure it is working effectively for you.
Depending on the complexity of the issues and the amount of support required, further appointments may be useful.
If necessary I will suggest functional tests to understand more about what is going on internally. Genova Diagnostics and Cambridge Nutritional Sciences are among the companies I use. 

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