Cookery Class

I come to your house, cook in your kitchen and this can revitalise how you feel about what is possible: this is a great way to learn.
Alternatively you can come to my kitchen and this provides a different opportunity which you may prefer depending on your needs. We can discuss which option will be better for you.
Whatever you feel you need or want to learn with regards to the nutrition of food and cooking foods to your advantage I can help you with. 
Depending on your skill level and confidence examples of food I can cook with you include: 
  • Breakfast options that will keep you feeling full
  • Healthy ideas for the whole family
  • Basics of soup making
  • Easy ways to include more pulses 
  • Step by step to fabulous salads
  • Gluten free cooking
  • Plant-based meals
  • Increasing fibre intake 

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