Children & Teens

I work with toddlers, children and teenagers on all aspects of food and eating plans.

Concentration and behaviour concerns are increasingly identified as issues for children and young people today. Breakfasts high in sugar, and diets low in Omega 3 fats are just two of the many ways nutrition can impact symptoms. I can help you make changes to your child's food intake that can make a big difference to concentration and behaviour both in school and at home. 

With weight concerns I have a gentle approach that allows the child to feel listened to and understood. Being a teenager is an incredibly sensitive time and food can become a complicated expression of a child's inner world. Whether you are concerned about your child not eating enough or over eating, there can be a lot of anxiety and it is not always easy for the parents to handle the situation as effectively as they would like.

Skin conditions can be extremely disconcerting and uncomfortable for a child, from eczema in toddlers to acne in teenagers. Foods can be nourishing and healing. I will help incorporate these into your weekly food intake, while avoiding those foods that cause inflammation and exacerbate the situation. 

Food intolerances have become a huge anxiety and concern for parents. Whether you know or just suspect your child has an intolerance to certain food types, I can help you to assess this and make concrete plans that will ensure your child is getting all the right nutrients while helping and supporting you to manage the symptoms.  

Fussy eating in toddlers can be extremely frustrating and some simple tools can really empower parents to manage the daily battle. 

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